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Judy was a tireless creative force and the scope of his influence as well as the depth of his contribution to culture is something that must be promoted, memorialised and catalogued. In order that these most vital and relevant parts of his legacy are retained in the public consciousness a charitable foundation has been set up in Judy’s honour called TRUST JUDY BLAME.*

The express purpose of this organisation will be to preserve, promote and provide access to Judy’s work in all its forms. Through this we hope that greater scholarship can be undertaken to understand and appreciate not only his work as a stylist and jeweller, but also to contribute to a greater recognition of his stature as a truly boundary-crossing artist.

In line with Judy’s lifelong commitment to nurturing young talents, it is hoped that eventually the Trust will be able to provide students with not only access to his work as a resource, but also some financial assistance.

If you are interested in making a donation please contact the Trust a [email protected]

*Known formally as The Judy Blame Charitable Trust